Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My kids say the darnest things (and even Ben) sometimes, Elvis, sitting on the toilet, and a ham sandwich!!

I thought I would update on Mr. Klayton since I seem not to talk about him that much on here nor do I have near as many pictures of him. First, he is so ready for Christmas break. He asks me every minute how many more days until Christmas break. He is constantly on his knees in front of the tree looking which presents have his name on them. He has a pretty busy and fun week this week so maybe it will go by fast for him. Sunday he had his end of football season party. Tuesday (today) his class gets a pizza party for lunch since they have all gotten A's on every single spelling test. Wednesday he finally gets the limo ride to McDonald's and back for lunch for selling so many fund raisers back in September. He is beside himself with this and can't wait! And then Friday is his Christmas Party at school at 130. He originally told me he wanted me to go to his Christmas Party but that has since changed. He informed me a couple days ago he wants Grammy to go so Grammy will be attending his Christmas Party with him. Grammy enjoys stuff like that better than me anyways, not that I don't like it but something about 16+ kids all in one room at a "party" eating sugar, sugar, sugar, and more sugar, and getting presents just isn't that "fun" to me but Grammy LOVES IT so they will be in good company with each other. Thanks Grammy! Klayton got his teacher several things for Christmas. He got her a t-shirt that says teacher and then the definition of teacher on it. He got her a wooden apple that has the time and date on it. He got her a bag that has something about teachers on it among a few other little things. They are all cute and in a really cute bag that he will take to her Friday as well. I also got these little Christmas bags and some little goodies that I am going to stuff in the bags that Klayton is going to take to school and give each kid in his class one for Christmas! I will take a picture of them when I get them done. Other than that, Klayton is doing good and just really ready for Christmas! Oh, I know what I wanted to say.....sometimes Klayton says the craziest stuff just out of the blue! He came home one day last week and said Mommy, is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer?? I said NO and quit listening to every single thing kids at school say. The rest of the night every single time I looked at him he had his hand spread out on his face and if he would see me looking at him he would say, I think my hand is bigger than my face. then he came home last Friday and said that even though alot of people think that Elvis died of drugs....first of all ELVIS, why in the world would kids be talking about Elvis much less even know who he is. He continued to tell me that he really died sitting on the toilet....... I'm not too sure how Elvis died, but I don't think it was sitting on the toilet. He said he probably died of having to go to the bathroom too bad and pushing to hard ( a little graphic, but this is what he said) and that something in his heart must have popped!! WTH!!! I have no idea where he gets some of this stuff. To make this even worse, I pick up the phone to call Ben to tell him what Klayton said and I'm laughing so I can barely get it out and after I tell Ben what he said he laughs and said well he's half way right. And I said HOW? And he said well he was sitting on toilet but he died because he was eating in a ham sandwich and choked!! WHAT??!!! I had to make sure I was not dreaming and I was really hearing my 8 year old and my husband tell me such ridiculous stuff!!! First of all, who cares about ELVIS and how he died, second I have NEVER heard he was sitting on the toilet, and I have really never heard that he was pushing too hard and something in his heart popped or that he choked sitting on the toilet because he was eating a ham sandwich!!!!!!!! Leave it to Ben and Klayton to come up with this kind of stuff and actually believe it!! I go crazy sometimes because I just don't understand how a human being can actually say and think some of the stuff that my husband and 8 year old say and think. I mean I know I have done a few, out of the ordinary, some other people might say air headish, things (like the napkins, paper plates, paper cups, interview story/car flying into the lake) but at least if you hear any of my stories and really think about them I deep down had reasons for doing and saying the stuff I said but where in the world do you get that Elvis died sitting on the toilet pushing too hard and something in his heart popped or that he choked on a ham sandwich??? I just don't get it sometimes!! But hey that's what makes my husband my husband and my son my son!!
Then their is Karlea. Little MISS PRISS Karlea! She has this thing that all of the sudden you will hear her saying EXCUSE me, EXCUSE me, and if you don't address her immediately, she gets louder with her EXCUSE me and one day she was doing this at a practice of Klayton's. Her and I had just got out of our car and was sitting in our chair watching Klayton practice and she was looking back towards our car and she started her EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE me, and I was talking to someone so I was ignoring her but she just got louder and louder repeating it over and over with her hand up in the air and finally I said what do you want and why are you saying that at which time she pointed over to where we parked and to these people that had parked right beside us and they were standing in between our car and theirs but closer to ours and Karlea said that's MY CAR!!! What?? She wanted the people know that even though they were standing close to our car that was HER car!! Where in the world does she get this stuff from. She does this EXCUSE me thing from time to time. Then she sleeps with NanNan almost every night. And usually when she wakes up she just jumps off the bed and heads down stairs, this morning she wakes up and my mom is in her bathroom doing her hair for work and she hear HELLO, HELLO, she kept drying her hair and hears HELLO, HELLO again. She walked in her room and Karlea is standing on her bed with her arms raised saying HELLO, HELLO!! That little girl! She is a mess!!
Then their is Karson!! It's not really so much things he says but how he says things. If he is looking at a picture of Klayton and he says what I guess is how the name KLAYTON comes out of his mouth but it sounds like Nugget Hawmon. He says it all the time too, its too funny. He used to call Grampy DEBOW, which is how we heard when he said Grandpa, and he still calls me MOMANY! What and who is MOMANY and where in the world did he get that from?? I've learned I'm Momany, Klayton is Nugget Hawman, Karlea is Giwl (he is trying to say Girl) most of the time, and if he is looking at a picture of himself he points to himself and says Bubba. Funny, funny boy!! Just thought I would share with you what I hear on a daily basis from my sMaRt and talented family members!!

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Nikki B. said...

it's true...he died on the toilet. it was rumored he was eating a ham sandwich, or a jelly donut...i've heard lots. but, he died of heart complications or drug OD. like you said, who cares. but, they were right!