Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pretty Princess, sick boy, and a rats nest!

I wanted a picture of the twins so bad but Karson doesn't feel good and I knew was not going to cooperate and I was right. He has a bad cold and now we think he may have an ear infection. We are going to take him to the doctor on Monday! Daddy, sick boy, and the princess!
Pretty Princess Karlea!!

the beginning of sick boy....

Right when you see the next picture you are going to think you are looking at a rats nest. BUT it really isn't a rats nest at all it's only a picture of the back of Pretty Princess's hair! Yes, that is her hair and what it looks like every morning when she wakes up! Poor baby, I'm hoping she is going to be like my cousin, Gidget. She had NO hair at all until she was like 2 or 3 and then she got the thickest, prettiest, longest hair you have ever seen! Not sure Karlea is going to get all the way there but I would be satisfied to just get to manageable.

Klayton won his basketball game again today by the way. They are 3-1 so far!!

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Jessica said...

That poor baby!! Look at that hair!! She's still a cutie though.