Friday, June 12, 2009

Twins 3 year well check up, teeth cleaning for klayton, our summer time, and new jammies!

I was laying in bed and just realized I had not only posted in a week but I had not yet posted about the twins 3 year well check up...what kind of mommy am I....needless to say I had to get up and come do a post! This first pic is of all the kids in the room at the twins 3 year well check up! They did great and here are their stats...

Karlea Shayne Symonds
weight - 33lbs. 6 oz.
weight percentile - 75%
height - 39 1/2 in.
height percentile - 96%
body mass index - 15
body mass index percentile - 25%

Karson Benjamin Symonds
weight - 35lbs. 4 oz.
weight percentile - 75%
height - 39 1/2 in.
height percentile - 90%
body mass index - 15
body mass index percentile - 45%

So far so good! Looks like we are going to have 2 tall hopefully slender (not sure how by the looks of who mommy and daddy is) kiddo's! I don't see how Karson still outweighs her. Even though alot of the numbers were the same the percentile is different because of the boy/girl thing. But all went great, no shots until next year at 4 and I think they have to get like 4 a piece. I don't think I will be making that appointment!

Then we had Klayton's dentist appointment. Just his cleaning...he did great as well. They said his teeth looked good and he had NO cavities!! He better learn to brush a whole lot better by himself if the no cavities thing is going to be true for long! But we got through all of the doctors appointments and we were all still sane so it was a good day!

This was our first official day of "our summer" know just us, daddy went back to work, shel and her boys went home, and it was just my krew! We had a great time and plan on doing a whole lot more of this as the summer progresses! Hanging in the back yard with the pools and water sprinklers is the BEST, reminds me of when I was little and hanging out with Gidget, my cousin, at Terry and Bob's house...good memories:)The ice cream cones are something we do every afternoon and something they look forward too ALOT. Klayton is cookies n cream and the twins are banilla, as they would say;)

The twinks got new jammies for their birthday from Aunt Kay and Ashley! Ash came and hung out with us Saturday night and brought the twins their birthday present! CUTE CUTE CUTE as usual, they each got 3 outfits, these are the jammies they freakin cute are they...especially Karlea's..OMG I LOVE THEM!! Thanks Kay, they are super cute...Ash, had a good time Saturday night, ya need to do it more often than ever 6 months...the guy is cute just don't know if you will think so;)

Another shot of the jammies and Karson being...well...Karson!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Shel and her family are coming over tomorrow night for game night and then Saturday is sleep in day and cheat day and church that night, and then Sunday we will probably chill with the twins at Grammy and Grampy's in the pool so I know we are going to have a good weekend!!

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