Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potty training and my THIRD GRADER!

We are TRYING to start the whole potty training thing...they want to sit on their little potty's sometimes but most of the time they don't. I guess we will just take baby steps and hopefully one day it will just happen. I know it can't be near as bad to potty train them as it was Klayton. At least they have smiles on their faces and not screaming on top of their lungs like Klayton always did. stylin and profilin......

I went to Klayton's school this morning for the 2nd and 3rd grade award ceremony. I am so proud of Klayton I can hardly contain myself. Not only did he get an award for "A" honor roll the second semester, he made the "A" honor roll for the ENTIRE YEAR..yep, that's straight "A's" ALL year long in every subject! He also got the Mathematics award. The last award he got was very exciting.....Klayton David Harmon received THE POSITIVE P.E. PERFORMANCE student of the YEAR award. Only ONE child, not one boy AND one girl, JUST ONE PERSON PERIOD was chosen to receive this award and it was MY child:) This is what Mr. Brewer read before saying who won:
"This young man has been a great leader and student all year. He is a very athletic young man. He participated in the Reindeer Romp in both the mile and 5k runs back to back. Congratulations to Klayton Harmon for being selected the Positive PE Performance student of the year!"
I am so proud of him. I knew he was a great leader and a very athletic young man before this BUT for him to be recognized at his school by someone that is unbiased I think says alot about him. And on top of that he has the brains too, he is a great, smart, & athletic young man! I am VERY VERY proud of you, Klayton Harmon. I have no doubt you will keep up the good work through out the rest of your life as you grow from a young boy to a young man, to a young adult. You make me SO PROUD to be your mommy, I love you!

I was kind of far back, but this is a picture of Mr. Brewer presenting the award to Klayton. And the picture below is of Klayton's 2nd grade class.

The video below is of Mrs. Zilligen, Klayton's teacher, presenting Klayton with the "A" honor roll award and the math award!

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