Thursday, June 4, 2009

Klayton's end of school picnic!

Before we left this morning...... I like this one, you can click on any of the pics and make them bigger so you can see them more up close if you can't see them good enough.
You don't know how hard it is to get them to both look at the camera and stay looking at the camera until the flash goes off....


my little cuties with their sunglasses like they see daddy with his sunglasses

The twins in Klayton's class room waiting for Klayton to come back in so we could go have a picnic with him and the rest of his class. Klayton's teacher asked them if they would like to color and they both went running to the desks, they thought THEY were in school sitting at the desks, they loved it!

At the top, ready to slide!

The twins going down the slide on the playground at Klayton's school

You would have thought Klayton hadn't ate in a week, he finally got full and gave his friends his leftovers! Karson boy....

I like this one of the Princess

She wouldn't quit swinging around but I finally got a good shot...

Klayton loves his sonic! Klayton eating lunch with some of his friends!

Mrs. Zilligen, Klayton's teacher, pushing Karson on the swing!

Karson loving the swing!

Karlea girl on the swing! Klayton missing the water balloon....
Klayton tossing the water balloon to his partner....

Klayton catching the water balloon in their water balloon toss..

Karlea was so gentle with her water balloon to make sure she didn't drop it or bust it, she had the same water balloon the whole time while Karson went through about 5...imagine that!! SHOWING ME HIS WATER BALLOON



We had a great time....only one more day and it's summer time for Klayton

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