Monday, June 15, 2009

my house with Jameson there, more on the twins well check up, friday, church on saturday, and our sunday at grammy and grampy's

This is what my house has to look like when Mr. Jameson is in the house, he has to be pinned in the living room because he gets into EVERYTHING, and we had to take the coffee table out of the living room because he kept hitting his head on it. This is before we left last Monday for the twins well check up and Klayton's dentist appointment!
Karlea getting her blood pressure check for the first time ever, she wasn't too sure about it but she let them do it, if I remember correctly Klayton would not let them get anywhere near him the cuff.

Karson thought it was cool!

This past Friday, Shel and her boys came over in addition to Sarah and Samuel, Josh's niece and nephew that are twins. Everyone had a blast! We had one 8 year old, one 6 year old, two 5 year olds, one 4 year old, and two 3 year olds, it was crazy but fun!

Jameson looking on at the madness.....

We went to church Saturday night, here is a family pic before we left!

Me and Karlea girl before church!

My handsome young man, Klayton, wearing my 20 year old brothers shirt~!

Sunday we hung out at Grammy & Grampy's swimming and we celebrated Lexi's 9th birthday!
I LOVE Karlea's princess ballerina bathing suit! Look at the ruffles on her booty...too cute:)
I liked her hair too, kind of went with the bathing suit!

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