Friday, November 14, 2008

A few of "HER" (karlea) favorite things!

So next up is Karlea girl! The twins are quite easy as I think the younger they are the easier they are and the less expensive they are! Her first and most favorite right now is Tinkerbell or to hear her say it Kinkerbell. I recently bought her the new Tinkerbell movie and she loves anything and everything about Tinkerbell. She was talking about Kinkerbell the other day and I said we will have to ask Santa for Tinkerbell and see if he will bring it to you and she quickly said "I ask Nan-Nan to bring me Tinkerbell. She's not spoiled is she?? Something else funny she said this morning and to show you how she is just a little obsessed with Kinkerbell. Karlea's hair looks terrible unless I put gel in it, round brush and blow dry it, but she hates that. Karson has way better hair than her but isn't that how it usually happens. Anyways when she wakes up in the mornings her hair is just atrocious looking. This morning I said "Karlea we have to do something with this hair, maybe we should just cut it off! Should we cut it off?" And she said "NO we should kinkerbell it as she has her hands on top of her head in her hair." WHAT!??!! How exactly do we kinkerbell it and she said started laughing!
Next up is kind of funny! Although she has never played soccer, every time you put any kind of "jersey" type shirt on her, or long socks, or her tennis shoes she gets real excited and says "I'm going to play in my soccew game", mommy I'm going to play in my soccew game...right? Right mommy, I going to play in soccew game, I have to say RIGHT for her to quit saying it and when I say right she gets the biggest smile on her face. I told Ben as excited as she gets just thinking about it and saying it think how excited she will be when she actually really gets to play. It is so funny!

Next up is this cute little puppy. It has wheels on the bottom of it so when you pull him by his leash he rolls along with you. A little girl at Klayton's football practice had it and Karlea loved it. The little girl let her play it with for a second and then she took it back. Karlea started whining and saying my puppy. I said no that's her puppy, we will have to go see Santa and ask him to bring you a puppy like that for Christmas. She said ok, let go see Santa and get my puppy and I said NO we can't go now we have to go see him when he gets here and ask him. I asked her "Are you going to sit in Santa's lap and ask him to bring you a puppy like that?" You could see her thinking about what I said and she said "NO, I sit in Nan-Nan's lap and ask her to bring me my puppy!" I hope Nan-Nan has alot of money because according to Miss Karlea Nan-Nan will get her anything she wants.
Last but not least for Karlea is Dowa (Dora). Along with Kinkerbell she also says she wants Dowa for Christmas.

I guess Karlea is all ready for Christmas and very sure of what she wants. I guess as long as Nan-Nan comes see her Christmas morning rather than Santa she will be a happy little girl!

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