Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a few people over for the Cowboy game Sunday! Here were the plates, napkins, cups, and forks. I thought they were so cute, I was very proud of myself! This was all the dips and chips with my new little cowboys dish!
This was peanut butter fudge that Grammy made and football brownies that the kids LOVE!

This was Karlea in her little Dallas Cowboy cheerleading outfit being so good while getting a breathing treatment!

And this was Karson's plate....he is definently his Nan-Nan's grandson! Chocolate football brownie, 2 Chocolate hershey's, a Chocolate rolo, and a Chocolate ring pop in his mouth!!

Yes I know my little get together or my cute little Dallas Cowboys plates, napkins, and cups didn't bring my Cowboys any luck...I realize that, I'm fully aware of that! All I have to say is....JUST WAIT!!

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