Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday! This weekend should be a pretty relaxing weekend. Tonight Klayton has already informed me that he wants pancakes and sausage for dinner. This is his favorite meal, he doesn't care when he eats it, he wants it all the time. So I guess tonight we will have breakfast for dinner. Then we have to get in bed early because Klayton has an 8 am football game, we have to be there by 730. But after that we are good to relax at home and watch college football all day. I guess I will cheat Saturday, I want my mom to make something homemade. Sunday, we will head to Grammy and Grampy's for the day and watch NFL football all day. Grammy has been in NY all week so it will be good to see her. It's good to see Grampy too, just saying Grammy has been gone all week. Ben and Klayton are going to the gun show in Fort Worth with Josh, it's the last show until next year. I told Ben he could pick up his Christmas present from there if he really wanted to. I hate guns and don't really want one in my house, but Josh and Ben got their gun license a while ago and all Ben talks about, thinks about, looks at are guns, hunting, Cabellas......! Cowboys play Sunday night against washington...we HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME! This is what our weekend looks like, what are you doing?

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