Friday, November 7, 2008


It's Friday! I'm ready for the weekend. Ben is making his famous chicken fried rice tonight (YUMMY)! Klayton is going with his daddy tonight for the whole weekend so pray he doesn 't do anything stupid with him and watches him and keeps him safe!! We will probably bathe the twins tonight so they are clean and ready for the weekend. Tomorrow we will probably watch a little bit of college football at the house and then we are going to Shel and Josh's tomorrow night for the TEXAS TECH vs. oklahoma state game. We are going to make good homeade sandwiches with good black peppered turkey from the deli and all the fixings with homeade pico...sounds good! Sunday we are going to Grammy and Grampy's for a while, I have a hair appointment at 1, then we are going to go eat at LOS MOS tomorrow evening (my cheat day)! I hate when the Cowboys are on their bye weekend because we don't get to watch them, HOWEVER, I think we needed this bye badly. Hopefully we come back the next weekend like THE DALLAS COWBOYS that started the season! Everyone have a great weekend! GO RED RAIDERS!!!!

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