Friday, November 14, 2008

A few of "HIS" (klayton) favorite things!

Okay so I will start with my oldest, Klayton! As his birthday and Christmas are coming up, I am faced with the dilemma of what to get an 8 year old. It seems the older they get the harder it is to know what to get for them. But the more I think about it, anything to do with the items below is a sure bet he will like them. His Sony 3 is probably his favorite "toy". He plays it all the time and I'm sure too much! But he loves it and any game he can play on it!

He likes all kinds of games for his Sony 3 but his favorite games are anything to do with fighting, guns, war, blood, killing.....The game of choice for him right now is Call of Duty 4, which we have already ordered for his birthday! These games are like $60 a piece, that's a little ridiculous but I guess if that's what he's in to!

Next up, would be his hot wheel cars! He has a case he has filled with all of his hot wheel cars. He hates when anyone else plays with them. And Karson loves to play with them. The other day I told Klayton he should give Karson a couple of his cars since he had so many and much to my surprise he said OK! A few minutes later, Klayton came to me and said ok Karson can have these cars that the wheels have broke off! WELL thanks, Klayton, I'm sure your brother would love these BROKEN cars.....Are you serious....I said I don't think Karson wants the cars that the wheels have been broke off of them. Klayton said well then you should just buy him some new ones and while you are buying him some new ones can you get me a few for the couple that Karson has lost of mine?!? Some of the stuff that boy says!

And last but certainly not least is he loves football. He likes any sport really but right now since he is playing football, I guess you could say its his favorite for the time being. So a new football would also be a great choice, which I have also purchased! So I guess he won't be as hard as I thought to buy for.

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