Sunday, November 2, 2008


Oh what a game it was! I knew from the beginning that Tech would do what most ALL other Texas Tech Fans KNEW they could do...BEAT UT!
They came out playing so great! I mean they dominated all of the 1rst half. They deserved to win that game!

Look at the numbers that Harrell put up!! GREATNESS in every aspect!

Not only can anything happen on any given day but Texas Tech is a great team this year, they didn't get lucky...they played TEXAS TECH football and WON the game and should have the RESPECT of every team in the Big 12, not to mention in College football! It will be a great ending to a perfect weekend when THE DALLAS COWBOYS BEAT the ny giants.....ok well maybe I'm still a little hyped up from the Tech game but you never know what could happen on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY....right??

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Heidi said...

Get Your Guns UP!!!!