Sunday, November 23, 2008

MY very own real Tinkerbell or Kinkerbell as Karlea puts it!

I bought her this tutu over a year ago and it wasn't cheap! She didn't like it and wouldn't wear it and it was a little big as well! I decided she was going to wear it at the baby shower. I asked Karlea if she wanted to dress up like Tinkerbell and she was thinking about it and then said NO, I want to dress like Dora! I didn't think dressing like Dora would be near as cute as Tinkerbell so I decided against Dora! Right when I put the tutu on her she hated it and cried but she finally quit and before the day was over she LOVED the tutu! Here are a few pics of my little Tinkerbell! Cousin Jacob!
They were looking out the window at and I thought this would be a great picture!

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