Monday, November 10, 2008

RED RAIDER GREATNESS, The twins, and a special treat!

CAN YOU SAY 10 AND 0??!! I sure can and that is what Texas Tech is! I love how NOT ONE person in the football world other than TEXAS TECH fans picked them to win over oklahoma state on Saturday. And they KILLED them! If they continue to play as good as they have been, like they did against texas and oklahoma state, I KNOW without a doubt they will beat ou! Here were the twins before we left to go to Shel's and Josh's for the big game! Karlea didn't want to take a picture but I made her that's why she is having a fit in this picture. But didn't they look so cute?

This was Miss Karlea in yet another one of her "PRINCESS" get ups that she loves to wear. I really like this one because it's just one piece and if just slips right on and it's great for her just to play in.
Here are the little twinkies in there track suits!

I cheated yesterday so Nan-Nan made a chocolate ice box pie, my favorite Thanksgiving desert. So she made the twins and Klayton a special little treat with her homemade chocolate pudding on the bottom, cool whip, and then topped it off with M&M's, the twins LOVED it and their outfits showed they did. They had chocolate everywhere! But they loved it and that's all that counts!! Thanks Nan-Nan! I didn't even eat a piece of it, I was too full after we went to LOS MOS for dinner. I'm kicking myself now, I should have at least taken 1 bite, but I didn't!! Oh well, I still have Thanksgiving.

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