Friday, November 14, 2008

A few of "HIS" (karson) favorite things!

And now we have Mr.Karson. He is just as easy as Karlea! Any and all types of cars. He loves playing, rolling, and throwing any kind of car. The other day we were at the store and they wanted a toy so I thought I would let them each get a cheap little toy, he picked out something but right before we left he saw this old school model type Cadillac that all the doors opened as well as the truck and hood. It was in the men's section because it was like a model car. Well he had to have that one and nothing else. So I ended up having to get it...its heavy as crap. He carries it around like Karlea carries her baby around. Here comes Karlea with her baby doll tucked up underneath one of her arms and right behind her is Karson with his car tucked under neath one of his arms as he is making grunting sounds because he thinks its heavy. Its so funny!!

The next toy he loves right now is guns! It doesn't matter what kind, he will even make believe another one of his toys is a gun!
And last but not least with Karson is a football. Really any ball but again because it seems the sport in season right now is football. He is always talking about football. Whether it be Klayton's football practice or football games, or if we are watching it on t.v., he will say bootball (football) and we say yes and he says they are going to kickoff. The kickoff is for some reason his favorite part of the game!

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