Friday, January 16, 2009

A conversation between Nan-Nan and Karlea

Last week I was on the computer upstairs paying bills and I over hear Nan-Nan, that is downstairs, telling Karlea, that is on the stairs, to get off. And this is about how the conversation went:
Nan-Nan- Karlea, the stairs are not toys, you don't play on them
Karlea- yes my can
Nan-Nan- NO you can't, get off the stairs NOW!
Karlea- YES MY CAN!
Nan-Nan-no you can't Karlea, get off the stairs right now, you are going to break your neck
Karlea- no my not, your going to break YOUR neck!!

I about fell out of my chair. The things that come out of her mouth sometimes crack me up! As long as I'm telling what people said, Shelly just told me that last week she was bathing her boys and all the sudden Jacob tells her that Jackson's booty looks like boobs!! LOL..LOL...LOL...LOL...I'm still laughing at that. I guess I can see where he would see the resemblance considering I'm pretty sure I know the only boobs he has ever seen!! LOL, I can't quit laughing!

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