Thursday, January 29, 2009

When both twins are asleep, you NEVER wake them And Klayton with the camera!

This is from yesterday, both babies fell sleep right before we got back to the house from walking and BOTH being asleep at the same time happens less frequently everyday so when it does happen you do WHATEVER it takes NOT to wake them! So my bright idea was to push them through the back gate to the back door because I just knew my double jogging stroller would fit through that door.......well, not exactly! I tried every way to fit than dang stroller through that door and it just wasn't going! They already had 3 layers on and a blanket so I decided to throw another BIG blanket on them and just leave them be! Ben got home a few minutes later and I told him the whole story, I left to run errands, he said they slept there for at least another hour or longer!! Here are a couple pics of them!
AND these next two pictures are of me because I finally let Klayton take a few pictures with my digital camera. He begs me on a daily basis to let him take pictures with it and I always tell him NO, today decided to let him and both twins were asleep so he said he would just take the pictures of me and maybe if they are good we can frame them for Ben.....I don't think we are framing any pictures!! The first one he took he said do something funny and I just stood there and he took it and this is that pic!

He took several more that cut my head off or he just missed me all together and I said ok last one and he said then do something funny so I just did this so he would hurry and take the pic! I think he did a pretty good job on these two, he said could we at least print one out so he could put it in his room. AWWW, my BIG boy loves me, he CAN be sweet sometimes!!

I'm going to hang out with Jess tonight for a couple of hours for the first time since they have brought Hadyn home. I can't wait to hold the little princess, and little is an understatement, she is still less than 5 pounds! I will take some pics and post when I get home! I can't wait!!!

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