Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Isn't she the tiniest little angel you have ever seen??? I just want to snuggle with her, maybe not, I might squeeze her itsy bitsy body too hard...OMG, can you imagine having a 4lb.2oz. baby at home and her be PERFECTLY HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND GREAT?!! That just shows how GREAT GOD can really be! Jess, finally called me today, BUT I totally understand what it's like being at home with a newborn, however, I don't know what it's like being home with a newborn that weighs barely over 4 lb's. So I understand. Miss Hadyn went for her first pedi. appointment and got an A+. She has gained weight, from 3lbs. 15oz. to over 4lbs, 4 lbs. 2 oz. to be exact!! Jess, said she is sleeping pretty good, she has alot of gas which makes her little belly hurt but they can't give her mylacon drops until she is 5lbs. Jessie is funny though, she says stuff I have never heard her say and it makes me happy and laugh at the same time because it's all about entering motherhood. It makes me happy because their were times I didn't know if she would ever experience that and I have always wanted her to see and feel what its is to be a mommy and finally she has! Shane, her husband, is a great daddy, helping any chance he gets away from him working and going back to school!! I was telling Jess today that I didn't want the twins around Hadyn until she was ok with Karlea wanting to hold her and touch her and everything because Karlea will absolutely die when she sees what an angel Hadyn is. And I understand Jess not wanting anyone around her too. Every baby being born at normal weight gets their first hep. shot before they leave the hospital but you have to be at least 5lbs. to get that shot so Hadyn hasn't even had that shot. I wouldn't want too many people around her much less kids until she at least had that shot and her first round of immunizations at 2 months. But I so can't wait until we can be around them and Jess and I are deciding what we are going to do on the weekend and whose house we are going to BBQ at and watch all the kids play!! I so can't wait for those days....but I know they will come soon enough!! I hope I get to go over by myself sometimes in the future so I can relieve Jess and Shane just for a couple of hours and spend some quality time just Hadyn and aunt Kelly! You know I will blog about it as soon as it happens! Until then, just keep praying that everything continues to go as great as it has and I know it will!!

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