Monday, January 19, 2009

Funny how even when we are in our thirties there are still poeple out there that act like they are still in highschool!

I knew BOTH of you in high school and look at you guys now, wow, what a difference, I guess KARMA is a bitch, huh?

This is the second comment that "anonymous" has left on my blog. The first one said "You too look so Fake", they were referring to a picture of my sister and I that I had posted.

Seriously, I thought people grew up at some point, but obviously this person has not. And even more has to leave these nasty comments as "anonymous". We are all adults now, if you have a problem with me and my sister tell us like adults and don't be a coward and say these things and not tell us who you are.

Obviously we were more popular, prettier, had better friends, were more athletic, had better boyfriends, and just had a better life than you in high school and still do! I'm sorry your life sucks, you have to be fat, you must not have any kids or a husband or anything in your life worth while that you have the time to come to MY blog and leave comments especially when you don't even like me!!

Maybe you should get GOD in your life, he can fix all of that for you!

If this is someone from high school that wished they had our boyfriends, or maybe your boyfriend was more interested in us than you......I'm sure that did suck but we can't help how other saw us and wanted to get to know us more than there own girlfriend and obviously OUR boyfriends were our boyfriends because they liked US NOT you!! Get over it, it's been over 14 years, you seriously may need some counseling if you can't get over something that happened in high school!

I feel sorry for you so I will pray for you today. Pray that at some point in your life you will learn to love your own life and not wish you had my life! It's never too late to get JESUS in your life. I'm being serious, he will do wonders for you! In the mean time, I hope you can learn to come to terms that this is just how life is and YOU are the only one that can make something out of your life. If I could help you, I would, I think everyone deserves to be happy, even ones like you that want to leave nasty comments on my blog page that is for my family and close friends to keep up with me and my wonderful, beautiful family!! I'm sorry you feel the way you do but I have to get back to my happy, beautiful, great family right now, I have wasted enough time on trash like you!

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The Timbs Clan said...

I have had a few problems like that on my blog to!! I hate when people act like that I mean GROW UP ALREADY!! and if they dont like you then why are they checking out your blog you just wanna scream GET A LIFE!!
Im sorry you are going through this.
In Christ