Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karlea and her words!!

Every single word that starts with a "F" Karlea pronounces it like it starts with a "S". For example:
fruity pebbles is sruity pebbles
frog is srog
football is sootball
find is sind
and so on and so on. I guess this is something she will grow out of?? It reminds me when Shelly was in elementary school and she had to go to speech class because she couldn't pronounce her "R's" very good and I think she stuttered too. Anyways she came home one day and she was so excited and she says listen listen, I learned how to say wocket wight (rocket) and then she said WWWWWWocket!! Which is the reason I'm sure she also had a stuttering problem as well. But she turned out ok with her speech so it tells me Karlea will be just fine!!


Heidi said...

Poor Shelly. My little one just started speech for stuttering. Not too bad though, but they said she self corrected alot of it.

Shelly said...


Nikki B. said...

funny...jack has trouble with Y's!

he says, "i'm mad at dad cuz he lelled at me."

and he says, "lellow" for yellow.

i try to teach him "ya-ya-yellow"

he'll say, "ya-ya-lellow"