Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mayfield Boys!

Here are a few recent pictures of my handsome nephews. Josh, where is your stache?
Jacob being a very helpful big brother!!

He had just woke up.

He turned his head toward the cushion right after Shelly took a picture of him! I think he's trying to tell ya something, Shel.

How he looked right before she took the picture.....very peacefully sleeping in a deep sleep!!! I can't believe you don't know by now that you NEVER wake a sleeping baby for any reason!! Or did we just have that philosophy with the twins??

I have to tell you a funny story about Jackson that I just realized I never blogged about. At the end of Shel working, Jack would always ask her why she can't stay at home like I do and Shelly would say because we have to wait until daddy and I save up enough money that I can quit work and stay home. They would have this conversation almost daily! The other day Jack was eating breakfast and he nonchalantly asks Shelly, "How much money do I need to save up to be able to quit school and stay at home?" The boy is pretty smart and kids REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!

He's in trouble now that he has let Shelly know he can feed Jameson!!

Big Boy Jameson sitting in his bumbo chair. Shelly you better not leave him up there like that and walk off, I have heard of stories where babies hurt them self/brain damage from parents doing this very thing and then they scoot themselves off and land on their head on the floor!

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