Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Ben, no, I am NOT jealous. I do know both Kelly and Shelly were very mean to people in high school, and why? Because of not being with the "in" group but then look at you both now, overweight, not-so-perfect looking anymore, huh? So thanks for you're 2 cents on this, Ben, you weren't even around the time we were all in high school.

This is the third and last comment that anonymous will be leaving on my blog! First of all, you're not jealous?? What else would you call it? You didn't know Shelly and I very well if you thought we were VERY mean in high school. Yes, we were very competitive, but not mean. In fact we would go out of our way NOT to be mean unless you were mean first then you deserved it! Shelly and I never labeled ourselves in the "in" group or not, that's obviously how YOU saw us. And if we were in the "in" group as you call it, we would have never gone out of our way to be mean to someone we were NOT friends with, we just didn't do that! If it has to do with sports and you were in sports with us, the only thing I can think of is you feel this way because you weren't as good as we were but there were very FEW who were as good as us. You say in this comment that you thought we were perfect looking back then, thanks for the compliment, but I can promise you Shelly and I NEVER thought we were perfect looking at any point in high school. Whose being mean now?? And we are adults! You think we are overweight and not so perfect looking anymore??? I don't believe myself or my sister at this point in our lives to be anywhere near overweight, maybe not high school thin, but who really is? Especially when you do what most people do in LIFE and you get married and have children, we have both had 3 kids thank you very much including twins, I will be what you call overweight any day and have the life I have now! We are THE happiest we have ever been, including when I was in high school, we have great husbands and we both have 3 healthy beautiful children, not sure what else you can ask for! Not that it's any of your business but Shelly and I are both in the process of losing weight, not because we had low self-esteem or we thought we were fat, but because that's what we decided would be better for us and for your information I have lost 90 pounds and look and feel better than I ever have INCLUDING when I was in high school ALL because I know I have some of the best family and friends anyone can have! Obviously this is about YOU, not us! IF you are dwelling about something that happened in high school, whether it be true or not, YOU have issues that you really should talk to someone about. And if Shelly and I had this much impact on your life you should have told us then NOT 14 years later! And last, you keep saying all of this bad stuff we were but yet you still make it to my blog daily to see what MY life is about. Makes me think YOU are the one jealous, maybe of me, maybe of Shelly, maybe of our husbands, maybe of our kids BUT as an adult you should be able to handle this better than you are. I would think one that thinks the way you do of me would NEVER want to see me or have anything to do with me much less take the time out of your day to go to my blog to see what I do from day to day. Almost bordering on mental problems. I hope for you, you can one day be happy with who you are and how your life turned out because it's obvious you have alot of issues right now and should probably deal with those before they get worse! I am changing my setting where you can't leave comments anymore under anonymous. If you feel so strongly about commenting on MY personal blog, then leave your name, maybe tell a few things about your husband, your kids, what you look like, how your life is.......OR maybe you don't have any of that which is the reason your harassing me and my wonderful, beautiful life!

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