Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, so we had a pretty good night! Here are all the kids right before the men took them trick-or-treating. Shel, myself, my mom, and Jameson stayed and passed out candy at the house. As you can see in this picture, Karlea wouldn't wear the boots (shoe cover) or hold both pom poms and Karson, wouldn't wear the helmet, the shoulder pads or the under the eye stuff!! But I think all in all they had a pretty good time! Shelly's boys were clone troopers! Klayton couldn't wear his mask if the twins could see him, not that I knew what he was anyways!
You can tell how happy they are in their costumes!
Seriously, how hard is it to smile just one time!
Dallas Cowboy player and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

Here is Klayton in his mummy or skeleton?? or whatever he was outfit. Since Karlea wouldn't let him wear his mask I put some tattoos on him that looked pretty cool!

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Heidi said...

They all look adorable.