Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The "baby" and naps today!

Karlea fell asleep with her baby right beside her, the baby that she doesn't part with these days, and the baby she left at the doctors office today! We were almost home and I hear "Where's my baby at?"....Needless to say Nan-Nan is going to get it tomorrow for us! Thank you Nan-Nan! And the best part of these 2 pics are they were taking a nap today AT THE SAME TIME! Funny how the little things make me happy these days!


Heidi said...

And not in a bed? My children would never do that. Well, little man does fall asleep in his high chair, but I think that's because he's always in it eating!

Kel said...

my kids dont sleep in their bed. they will fall asleep whereever they are if they are tired enough. Karlea always will climb on the couch and lay down when she is tired and within a few seconds she is asleep, he's not as easy but all you have to do with Karson is make him get in your lap and lay his head down and his out in 2 seconds!