Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progress with Breathing Treatments

Karson is showing you what he had for breakfast yesterday....YES, it's a sucker.....some days you just have to choose your battles wisely with this little guy and I wasn't in the mood to put on my armor yet!! Because the twins had pre pneumonia we now have to do breathing treatments 3 times a day for a while. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes so we have to give them to them when they are asleep because there is no way they are just going to be still and sit for 30 whole minutes unless your Princess Karlea! This picture was before I knew she would sit and do one.
That's Karson inside the blanket. I like to get him real wrapped up so I know the treatment is going up his nose and in his mouth because he moves alot!

Now look how sweet and good Miss Karlea is sitting and taking her breathing treatment and she sits just like that and doesn't move the whole 30 minutes until her treatment is over! By the way....this picture of her looks just like Shelly (my sister) to me ALOT!

Don't let him fool ya, he almost fooled me, he sat there JUST for the picture, I thought he was going to do good and actually sit like Karlea, I was fixing to have to record the whole process because I know no one would have believed Bam-Bam sat like a normal good little boy and took his treatment then I woke up from my dream and saw him pulling the mask off and screaming and crying saying NO NO NO, like I knew he would do! But I like looking at the pic and pretending that he sits through them like her so I can forget when I have to sit on him and hold him down and turn the t.v. up as loud as it will go so Karlea can hear the t.v. over Karson screaming! You do what you have to do:)

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Nikki B. said...

karlea looks just like jacob in that pic of her getting her treatment!!!