Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lucky Charms collander and twins wearing twins shirts!

First of all yes, I'm posting once more tonight! I had to after I found mine and Shelly's shirts we used to wear when we were the twins age! BUT first I really think someone needs to invent a Lucky Charms collander, one that lets the cereal go through the holes and down the garbage disposal and collects the marshmellows because, seeing that ALL they want to eat IS the marshmellows....I'M TIRED OF HAVING TO PICK THEM OUT MYSELF EVERYTIME the twins say "I aunt some ucky chawms!" Someone should either make the makers of Lucky Charms make a cereal called Lucky Marshmellows or make the collander. And the twins should just cut to the chase and say "I aunt some ucky chawms mawshmewwows" instead of saying " aunt some ucky chawms!" LOOK what Karson and Karlea have on!! Mine and Shelly's shirts that we used to wear when we were their age. How cute are they on them?? And look how clean and nice their hair's crazy what a bath can do for 2 year olds.
The twins showing the sleeves of the shirts that say "Shelly" and "Kelly". The only question I have for my mom is why didn't you get pink sleeved shirts instead of blue, I so would have gone for the pink sleeves seeing that we were girls!!!!!
Anyways, I thought they were too cute not to share. Promise no more posts tonight. I won't tomorrow seeing that it's my moms birthday:) Oh wait, I have to do one more.....

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