Thursday, October 23, 2008

Klayton and Grandparents day!

Today was grandparents day at Klayton school. This morning I woke him up to get in the bath and usually it takes me like 5-10 minutes to get him to even know I'm trying to wake him up and another 5-10 minutes to actually get him out of bed BUT not this morning. He jumped straight up and went into the bathroom, I turned the light on and turned around and he was dancing, I said what is your problem and he said today is grandparents day...I love grandparents day. So he took his bath and got dressed and then we were headed downstairs and he says can I have a picture frame in my room and I said you have a lot of picture frames in your room and he said no one that has a picture of me in this outfit that I'm wearing today and I said why and he said because I always want to remember grandparents day....I know he loves his grandparents and loves when one of them get to come to his school but dancing before sun up in his underwear in the dark and wanting a picture of himself in what he had on today because he wanted to "remember" grandparents day......I'm thinking there was something behind all of this...NOT that he doesn't love everything about his grandparents but I started to think it had something to do with Grampy taking him to McDonald's for breakfast and I think anyone who knows Klayton might agree, the boy loves to eat and loves McDonald's sausage, egg, and cheese, biscuits!! Anyways, Grampy called me when he got back to work and sounded as excited about going to school with Klayton as Klayton was this morning. He said it was great and told me how smart Klayton was in school and how they got to go to the book fair and Klayton was able to buy some books. So Grampy said he would buy him some, Klayton picked a book out for him, then one out for Jackson (his cousin) and then Grampy said he picked out 2 more but they were for 2 people for Christmas. First of all, I think Klayton is pretty sweet, as stubborn and hard headed as he can be, I must admit he has a pretty big heart. He is always thinking of other people, even though he picked out Jack a book that is for pre-school-kindergarten and it has sentences in it like...The egg rolls. The egg rolls down the hill. And even though Jack is in kindergarten the teacher informed my sister and her husband that he reads at a level of what a first grader reads at the end of the year. I figure its the thought that count and Klayton did say after Jackson reads it he can give it to Jacob so maybe that was Klayton's thought to begin with which makes Klayton even smarter! But he also went on to tell me he couldn't tell me who the books were for that Grampy was going to wrap but he did say that he finally found the book for Ben and my book really wasn't a book but I would love it:) I said I thought you weren't going to tell who those books were for and he said I didn't tell you EXACTLY what it was! Klayton can NEVER keep a secret but I think my son is one thoughtful, very smart, handsome boy! Here is the picture that I must print out and frame for his room, tell me what you think!

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