Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

We had a full fun weekend...and the Cowboys won, as well as Tech and Texas:) What a game it will be Saturday...GO RED RAIDER'S!!!! Karlea and Karson at the park on Friday. We had lunch with daddy then we went to Ross ( I love that store) and bought the twins some boots for when it gets cold and then we headed to the park for the rest of the afternoon!
The twins looking on as Klayton's football team got drummed against a team they SHOULD have beat! You can see daddy in the top right waving at the babies! After the game we had lunch at Snuffer's in Southlake town square, went to Cental Market to find soda with NO ASPARTANE in it but it was GROSS, then we headed to Jackson's soccer game at 6 and went back to Shel and Josh's cook out and watch Penn St. and Ohio St. play then headed home!

Karson and Karlea going through their Halloween baskets from Grammy and Grampy!! They have the best Grammy and Grampy in the world...thanks!!

Klayton and Lex going through their Halloween baskets as well.....I think we have a few spoiled kiddos...what do you think??

Lex and Klayton showing there gummy tongues and vampire teeth:)

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