Sunday, October 12, 2008


I really can't believe this is my VERY first post to mention THE DALLAS COWBOYS, America's Team, my ALL TIME best sport team EVER, and the BEST football team in general above anyone else IF they play up to their ability! They can beat any football team if every player is playing how they know they can play!! Now that I have that out of the way and are my little Dallas Cowboy Fans!!
Mr. Klayton David Harmon (future Dallas Cowboys Offensive Player)
Miss Karlea (future Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader)
Mr. Karson Benjamin (future Dallas Cowboy Defensive Player)
Yes, I know they played like crap today but I'm a TRUE FAN, not a fair weather fan! I have faith we will get our crap together and do what needs to be done to win the SUPER BOWL!! I mean come on...LOOK who won the super bowl last year and we all know they should have never been any where near the super bowl much less winning it!! GO COWBOYS:)!

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