Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are going to MISS T, A, and M!

We are going to MISS Terry Sue (my aunt), Annie (also my aunt), and Maw-Maw (my grandma) SOOO much! We always love to see them come and hate to see them go. Thank you for all yall did while you were here, your a big help...more than you know! Love y'all! This is Klayton showing his and Karlea's new Halloween shirts that Terry and Ann got for them.
Karlea and Karson LOVE Maw-Maw, everytime they couldn't see her they would ask me "where did Maw-Maw go?" We love you Maw-Maw!
This is Klayton showing his new shirt that Ann and Terry got him and the new sweat shirt that Nan-Nan got for him. He loved both of them!
Bye....we will miss you, we hope we get to see y'all again soon!

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