Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In @ 5:30 out @ 11:15!!!!!

The twins have had a bad cough for a couple of days with a runny nose and occasional fever. Yesterday evening I started to hear both of them wheezing, not sure if it was in there chest or their nose we went ahead and called the doctor to see if they had any late appointments available. I would have rather been in the doctors office all evening with just a regular copay instead of the emergency room in the middle of the night with a 150 deductible. I called and they said they didn't have any appointments available but they could try to fit them in if the nurse approved it (meaning if the nurse thought they were serious enough to be seen, then they would fit us in). I talked to the nurse and after telling her they were wheezing she said we needed to come in. So they put us down for a 8:15 appointment last night but told us to come in immediately because they may be able to get us in early. SOOO we left the house at 5:30 got to the doctor at 6:15. The kids played with the toys for a while being good until Karson decided he hadn't caused any turmoil in a few seconds and decided that he was going to claim every toy in the play room his and ONLY HIS! Karlea is used to it so she just came and sat in my lap, there was another little boy that wasn't as easy as Karlea was to just give up and let the spoiled rotten, screaming, crying, out of control little _ _ it get his way. So needless to say it was chaos, Ben tried reasoning with Karson...yeah right! So then I said just take him outside! As soon as he took him outside they call our name to go back so I tell Klayton to run and tell Ben it was our turn to go back. Karlea and I go ahead and go and the nurse tells her to step on the scale so we can go ahead and weigh her and in a really loud whiny voice Karlea says NO! So now Karlea has kicked in her every stranger is going to hurt me not going to do anything anyone tells me to do attitude and now we have 2 kids screaming, crying, not doing one thing they nurse needs them to do! Ben and I are just looking at each other as I have sweat running down my back because they obviously thought it was 50 below outside and thought it needed to be 90 degrees inside and Klayton is laughing adding to the chaos the twins have already started. I finally just shove Karson on the scale and hold him on by his head and then throw Karlea on and FINALLY the nurse says we can go to room 4....THANK GOODNESS, just get in there and close the door so our circus is at least contained instead of all through the doctors office! The screaming and crying continues while the nurse is trying to ask what the problem is and check temps and so on and she finally says the doctor will be in soon.....she really meant to say the doctor will be in 2 hours!!! As I'm stripping clothes off because its 110 degrees in the room the nurse comes back in and gives us a ball and bubbles, i guess they knew we had our hands full! So for the next hour we sat in the 4X4 sauna and tried to entertain the twins, Nan-Nan came and got Klayton! The doctor finally came in as Karlea was dosing in and out, after he checked them he said both had wheezing and that he thought both just had bad chest colds but to make sure he wanted check their blood count and their oxygen. He said he would just do one of them since they sounded the same and the lucky one was Karlea (poor girl)! But she did really good and Karson would have probably punched the nurse if she pricked his finger so I think Karlea was a good choice, she just jumped when they drew blood but didn't ever cry and they both did good when getting their oxygen checked. However their oxygen wasn't where he wanted it, they want it at least at 97 but would rather see it at 98 and above, Karson's was barely 97 and Karleas was BARELY 94 in fact hers was more like 91 for most of the time. So the nurse left and the doc came back in and said it was a little more serious than he first thought and that to be safe he was going to treat both aggressively! Karlea's blood count came back at 14-15,000 and it's supposed to be between 4 and 12,000 which means their was definitely a bacteria infection and he said probable early pneumonia. Which meant both were now having to get a BIG antibiotic shot, which is so big they have to make it into 2 shots for each of them! By now they both are feeling terrible, Karlea is running fever and is sound asleep and Karson just wants to go! The nurses come back in and start with Karson, one shot in the left leg and one shot in the right leg, Karson screamed so loud, I felt so sorry for him. Then Karlea was awoke by 1 shot in the left leg and one shot in the right leg, she scream as well but not what I expected! We now had to wait another 20 minutes before we could leave to make sure they didn't have a reaction the shots but at least we got to get out of the 4X4 sauna and go back into the bug waiting area! I gave them both Motrin as we were waiting for the 20 minutes to pass. Ben was holding Karson and I was holding Karlea, they were worn out from all the screaming, crying, shots, blood drawn, and the sauna we sat in for 2 hours they just wanted to go home. After the nurse giving me our discharge papers and ALL of our prescriptions (breathing treatments, another antibiotic, some other pill that each had to take 1 for 4 days, and Zyrtec we were finally able to leave only to have to find a 24 hour pharmacy! So we stopped at Tom Thumb, I ran in and dropped off the prescriptions and got everyone something to eat and Ben and I some chips to share ( it was my cheating day)! Went back to the car and gave everyone their drinks and told Ben it was going to be at least 30 minutes on the meds. The twins saw the chips and wanted some, they love cool ranch Doritos so I told Ben I would rather them eat them that us so the ate the rest of the bag and wanted more. I went back in to get each another bag and got the meds where I was informed that it all would be $141.00..OMG...WHAT!! The breathing treatment meds were $50 a box and each had to have one and the only reason I didn't have to fill the other breathing treatment med was because I had some at home but I think before we are done I will have to go refill both breathing treatment meds another time which will be another $200. The pharmacy lady said I wanted to make sure you wanted it before I filled it....uhmmm, well let me think....I either fill it or just let my poor sick pneumonia bound babies suffer and get worse until we end up in the hospital where our tab will be alot more than $141 SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?? I mean I think that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Getting a little cranky because I am tired I know I ate way too much ( again cheating day) and we left the house at 5:30 and it was now pushing 11! Got the meds and got back to the car, we still had to detour to Shel's because that's where the machine was that I have to use for the breathing treatments! Karson falls to sleep, Karlea is whining she wants her hands washed and her finger where they drew blood huwt! She finally falls asleep, we get the machine, we get on 35W to head home and are probably about 5 minutes from home where all of the sudden you see nothing but cop lights everywhere and flares everywhere........ARE YOU SERIOUS!! There had been some wreck and the highway was shit down to only letting the traffic get through on the single median...UNBELIEVABLE!! We finally make it home where both babies need some of the meds and both need breathing treatments! Thank goodness our kids take medicine like it's candy, however Karlea had so much yucky stuff in her throat and was coughing so bad that second after I gave her 2 of the meds she through everything up! I told Ben I think our best bet is to just go upstairs and get in bed. I knew they would fall back to sleep fast and then the breathing treatments would be easy...they were but each breathing treatment took 30 minutes for each baby! We finally got done, turned off the light at almost 1 and the twins slept really good but morning came way to fast for Ben and myself. At least my mom got Klayton up and ready so all I had to do was make sure he had breakfast and caught the bus on time and he did! I ran back upstairs to get another breathing treatment in while the babies were asleep and we are now awake with all meds for today taken except for the Zyrtec that they get at night and 2 more breathing treatments a piece! They seem to be feeling okay. They still have nasty sounding coughs though! Hopefully they will be 90% better by Friday for Halloween! I think so with all the medicines they are on! Anyways, sorry for the long post but that's what we did last night! All in all in was worth it because I'm sure we would have been in the hospital with full blown pneumonia by the end of today had we not gone and that would have been ALOT worse than what we went through last night! Hope everyone stays healthy as I try to get our little munchkins back to good health! Have a good day:)

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