Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I really do have an almost 8 year old son.

This is him! I feel like I don't have very many pictures of him on here but that's because he is either at school at football practice, upstairs playing sony 3, or he just doesn't want his picture taken.
I think he is very handsome, he looks like me....;)
This the twins this morning when I did my 3 miles. I couldn't wake them so I just tilted the stroller back and let them sleep, it wasn't for very long and the rest of my hectic but enjoyable day resumed! Shelly and Jameson went home today, they got there at about 330, both are doing great. The kids and I went over after Klayton got out of school today and took some food and Klayton hadn't seen him yet. I forgot my camera, I was so mad, I wanted some pictures of him with real clothes on but I'm sure I will have plenty of times to take more pictures. When we got there Josh's mom was there loving all over MY Jameson, who does she think she is his grandma or something??? Just kidding Cathy, I know we all have to share and I don't mind at all, Jameson will just get EXTRA love and attention from all that adore him! Klayton saw him and said "He is cute" I said, did you think I was lying? He said NO but he is so cute I can't keep my eyes off of him! And then within in a flash he was upstairs to play with his cousins that he misses SO DEARLY because we keep them apart for such a long period of time...poor boys! Whatever, they were arguing within an hour, but we always love going over there. Jameson was so good, I don't know if its just because he's not even 2 days old or if this is just how he is going to be. I told Shelly it's amazing how when it's just 1 baby you can really relax and enjoy the whole thing, but was a little stressful not to mention all the bumps in the road we had, it's like one big blur from when they were that little. It's great to see them running around the house and Karlea saying I holds baby Jameson and knowing they are now healthy as ever. Anyways, we had a great night and I'm glad I got to see Mr. Jameson, oh and the rest of the family to. Have a good night!

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