Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm sorry I haven't blogged (Marcy)!

But I have a good excuse....I had family come in town. And it wasn't just family, it was my Maw-Maw, my aunt Terry Sue, and My aunt Ann. They always "come save the day" when we have a baby (makes me want to have more)! They always come and stay for like a week and help A LOT with the new baby (Jameson) so we can get adjusted to life with a new baby! We always hate when it's time for them to leave!
My Aunt Terry Sue and Karson!
My Aunt Ann doing what she does BEST...HAIR!
She was just so happy to see me she didn't know what to do with herself...I told her just to smile:)
My Aunt Ann(doing the hair), my mom (getting the hair done), My Aunt Terry Sue (looks like talking..what she does best..he.he.he., and my Maw-Maw(just listening to everything)! I know when they leave I'm going to wish it was Saturday again and they just got here. I love when they come in to town.

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