Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Now here's the real ny giants team!!

CLEVELAND -- Every under-Dawg has its day in the NFL.
And how sweet it was to watch! I couldn't turn the game off last night. As fun as it was to watch ny get the crap beat out of them it also reminded me of who the giants really are. ny looked liked the team everyone thought they were and are last night.... NOT defending superbowl champions that's for sure! As happy as I was when I went to bed ny losing still doesn't help the fact that Romo is still out for up to a month or the other things going on with the Cowboys right now. But at least ny doesn't go up 2 full games in front of anyone on our division. It's still early and there is alot of football to be played. If our offensive line can get up to pace I think we would be fine and of course our defense play like we know they can as well! For now, the ny loss is enough to get through another week until we can watch THE DALLAS COWBOYS, America's Team! GO BOYS!!

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