Monday, October 13, 2008


I think I am going to have a break down. When you thought it couldn't get much worse for the Dallas Cowboys it did! Tony Romo (our quarterback) is out for up to 4 weeks with a broken pinkie finger on his throwing hand, Felix Jones is out for I think 2 weeks, and last Matt McBriar is out 6-8 weeks. I still have faith that we will be ok, it's just that if Romo is really out the whole 4 weeks that will include week 9 when we play the NY Giants and I don't think there is any way we can go to NY without Romo and with Johnson and win, surprise me and do so and I will be happy happy happy! But I just don't think in reality that is going to happen. Felix Jones has been great as well and now he is out, hopefully not for long though. I'm not sure what the problem is but I think their is something just not right with the Cowboys, they don't look like the team from last year at the end of the season or like the team that started off this season. I think the ENTIRE team as whole need to get their crap together and play DALLAS COWBOY FOOTBALL! It may get worse before it gets better BUT I think we will eventually get our crap together the second half of the season and play like everyone knows THE COWBOYS can play! I mean look at the Giants last year, they had a terrible first part of the season and then ended up winning the superbowl, not that I want to be like the giants because they really had no business even being anywhere near the superbowl. We should have beat them for one in the playoffs like we did the other TWO times last year and if it weren't for that superman dream catch at the end of the superbowl they wouldn't have won, I think they had ALOT of luck on their side which is different than the Cowboys, we don't need luck, we just need to play D.C.F! The Cowboys are GREAT and everyone knows it, when they play DALLAS COWBOY FOOTBALL, their isn't a team anywhere on earth that could beat us! If Romo's finger heals faster than normal and he gets back out there and plays like the LEADER and GREAT player we know him as and starts throwing his long ball back to T.O. it will be like we didn't ever skip a beat! COME on DALLAS COWBOYS, I still have faith in ya:)!

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