Monday, October 27, 2008

Weight Loss appointment!

I went this morning to weigh in and I lost another 5 pounds so that brings the grand total to 60 pounds exactly in 5 months to the day. I'm starting to lose less at a time, I was losing between 9-15 pounds every month but I will take 5 and I know some day soon I will plateau. But as long as I never gain at an appointment that's ok with me, I have the rest of my life to keep losing weight. He said on top of 3 miles a day, 500 crunches, 50 leg lifts, and 50 arm pulls that I should put in some weights in the mix just so my body is doing something different. He said only about 3 days a week for about 30 minutes is all I need to do. Ben has a weight bench and all his weights but it's still at my sisters house. Shel and I used to do the weights alot, we need to get them to our house so 3 days a week before I do my 3 miles I will do about 30 minutes of weight training as well. I figure the next 3 months will be the hardest with Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas, my birthday, New Years eve, New Years day, and the Cowboys being in the SUPER BOWL;) so I have to make sure I stick with what I know I need to do and only cheat my 1 day a week. I think Halloween will be easy, not a big candy person like MY MOM is, Christmas Eve and Christmas will be hard because we always have a little party Christmas Eve with ALOT of yummy foods that I know I will want and then of course Christmas Day my mom always makes a GREAT home cooked meal but I think I will choose to cheat Christmas Eve and then I can cheat Thanksgiving Day and have the GREAT home cooked meal then. Then I think I will choose to cheat New Years Day rather than New Years Eve because I'm sure I will want to drink New Years Eve and I hardly eat on the days I know I am going to drink. And then the rest should be like it is now, Super bowl and my birthday I could cheat or cheat the day after since I'm sure I will be having a glass of wine or 2 on those know to celebrate a GREAT, PERFECT, BEEN LOOKED FORWARD TO FOR A LONG TIME day! Just thought I would update you on my progress. I have some more pics I need to download, when I get time I will post some on my blog. Until then have a great day:)

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Heidi said...

KELLY! That is awesome. I totally need to know exactly what you are doing. I get your workout routine, but what about the food? Who is monitoring you? a dr??? Spill lady.