Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The kiddos and another addition of "In Karlea's words"

Klayton before he went to school this morning.
The twins today.

And this would be Karlea's (I'm mad at you) face. She has this new thing she does....when Karson gets in trouble, even when he is getting in trouble for being mean to her, which is why he is in trouble most of the time. She will immediately go up to the one getting on to Karson and say, "quit yelling at my brother, he is my best buddy and my best friend!" Even if he just whacked her over the head with a bat! He would NEVER take up for her NO MATTER WHAT!! They will be playing and she will say "MOM, (because that's what she now calls me) where did my best buddy go and I will way who and she will say my best buddy, my best friend, you know my brother". It makes me laugh. But I hope she always feels that way about him and I hope he learns to feel that way about her!! Another new word in her vocab these days is guys. "Can I play you guys?? Guys, can I play?" WHAT?? GUYS?? You would think she is from new york or something, where in the world did she get that from....oh yea her daddy is from new york!! My only little Princess and she doesn't look like or talk like know a Texan!! Maybe if Karson can learn to be Karlea's best friend Karlea can learn to look like me and talk like me....what do you think??

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