Monday, April 27, 2009

A few more pics from Saturday and 1 more "Karlea" story that could only be from her.

I love these first 2 pics of Shel and all the kids and of me and all the kids, I just wish Jameson would have been in them.

Ben and I...look how skinny he looks:)

Karlea, I love this pic of her...her hair looks like it's getting long in this pic. I guess it is...

Ok, now on to the "Karlea story". We were in the car Friday night and the kids were talking among themselves in the back seat and Ben and I were talking among ourselves in the front seat. All of the sudden I hear Karson say Karlea said a bad word, he said it like 5 times before I said, Karson NO she didn't be quite. And all of the sudden we hear Karlea say...YES I did, I said JACK ASS!!!!!!! Ben and I looked at each other in disbelief and trying not to laugh...I said Karlea you better NOT say that again, that is a bad word and that is ugly to say especially for a little girl to be saying.
She never seems to amaze me, she takes up for her brother that every chance he gets is body slamming her or punching her and now I give her the benefit of the doubt but instead of letting bubba get in trouble for saying she said a bad word when she didn't she confesses and even repeats exactly what she said!!
I'm beginning to think my mom was right.......she is going to be payback to me.......What a future we good thing out of this is at least she told the truth:)

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April said...

That's hilarious, her saying JACKASS!!! Hmmmm, where did she hear that from??!! Ha Ha Just Kidding.
That pic of your sister with all the kids, your daughter looks so cute in that, cocking her eyes to the side. I can't believe she's the only girl of all those kids!! She'll definately be tough!

Sorry about your Uncle too.