Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Jason (april 2)

I just got an email from his mother and this is what she had to say:

Hi All:Jason had a long day yesterday. He could not believe it was STILL Wednesday every time he woke up. He is ready to have the surgery so he can get out of bed finally.The surgeon came by last night to give us more details on the surgery. He is only going to fuse the L5 vertabrae and create a cage around it to keep it in place. He will use a couple of different bone grafts, but is hoping not to have to use Jason's own bone from his pelvis. There is a chance that the nerve sac is damaged and if so, he will repair it. He only wanted us to know that because it would make the surgery longer. Jason did ask him about sports and he said that after the fusion has taken hold, he should be able to return to any and all of his previous activities. Again, another blessing.,Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, calls, text messages, etc. They are all appreciated. They will be coming to get him around noon and the surgery will start around 1:30. I wil send another update later tonight.**Sue, please share with our co-workers (please include Pam Schulman, who can send it out to my previous co-workers)**Coach Groth - please share with the Apache Baseball family**Coach Gaddis & Allison, please share with Lewisville Farmer Football & Baseball coaches and booster clubsBeverly

Please continue to pray...give some extra prayers today as he goes through surgery.

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