Monday, April 27, 2009


I just thought I would do a post on my brother since I know I hardly ever talk about him but that's just because he is not here, he is at school in Tyler. But anyone who knows me knows that he is VERY important to me and I will always try and take care of him and be there for him at any cost! He is a very handsome GOOD kid. He is at Tyler Jr. College. He is in his second semester right now. His first semester there he met a girl he became really good friends with that just happen to be a cheerleader. He started helping out in there practices and before long became one of the flag know the guys at college football games that after there team scores runs all over the fields holding the schools flags. And he continued to help out with the cheerleaders. Well it wasn't long before he could do alot of the stuff the cheerleaders did. So when tryouts came along he decided he would tryout....he made alternate, which I think is pretty impressive seeing that he has NEVER done anything remotely close to being a cheerleader. He has always been very athletic and played every sport which maybe that helped. So being alternate he got to go to Nationals with the team which was in Daytona Florida. He then tried again for the team next year and guess what.....HE MADE THE TEAM!! I am very proud of him and no matter what happens I hope he always knows that.

Your dad was always so proud of you when you were little, I can only imagine how proud he would be of you NOW! I know he has a constant BIG smile on his face looking down at you and protecting you daily! Please just always make smart and safe choices. And always know I will be here for you no matter what. I LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER:)

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