Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Josh's words!!

You know sometimes when things just aren't going the way you thought they would or you expected they would and you just don't feel right about the whole situation?? Nor do you really know what to do about the whole situation....

Well there are people out there that you want on your side when this happens, you know the ones that always know just the right words to make everything be ok.....the one that knows all the right words to say....and not just lying so you will feel know what they are saying is true and you know how much better you felt after the conversation with them???

When I think of people like that the one person that immediately pops in mind is.....JOSH MAYFIELD!! Not only does he usually know the "facts" of whatever topic we are talking about but he always has a spin on things that leave you feeling better about life in general and just all together your life personally!

I woke up this morning....didn't sleep very well, not sure why...but got Klayton up at 630, bathed him, Karlea woke up and attached herself to my hip the whole time I was upstairs, we make it down stairs, I fix Karlea and Klayton breakfast, even though I really want to be fixing me something because I went to bed with my stomach making weird noises because I was hungry but I knew I had to fix them something first. After I got them situated I then fixed me a great sandwich, the entire time I have been up I have been meaning to check my email because I want to know if child support hit my account today, because it should have hit yesterday and it didn't and it always makes me nervous when it's not there when it's supposed to, but in the midst of my hunger and my great sandwich I made I forgot all about that. I sat down to eat my sandwich and do what I do every morning....I check my email and the first email I came to was from Josh, I could tell it wasn't a forward and usually if it's from Josh it's not usually just a personal email, it's usually telling me what next hunting thing or gun thing Ben wants! This email was not that........Here is the email I opened and read that was from Josh....

I remember when I was a kid and my dad would put me up on his shoulders when we were out somewhere…where there was a big crowd. He did this so I could see better and so I wouldn't get trampled by the crowd and the chaos. I was still aware of the crowd, but not really concerned or worried about it any more. I have often done the same with my kids, for the same reasons. In fact, they love it when I do this. And so I find myself in the midst of a very challenging couple of weeks at work, with lots of chaos, lots of things to be worried about, tons of uncertainty, and lots of reasons to be upset. But as I was driving in to work this morning I realized that although I am quite aware of all of those things that have been going on, that are likely to go on, I haven’t been worrying about them like I thought I would. And it dawned on me that my father was at work again. But this time, it is my heavenly father who has lifted me up on his shoulders. Just like how I had to hold on to my dad’s shoulders when I was a kid in order to balance, it is not a work free ride, but I do have a much better view of things up here than I ever would if I was stuck trying to fight my way through the crowd with nothing but my own, completely inadequate, strength.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these thoughts. I don’t usually send out mushy emails. But I thought it would be pretty selfish of me to keep this all to myself.

I love you guys.

p.s. Yes, dad…I am remember that we used to call it a Ton Ton ride.

What a great way to start my morning!! Again Josh knows just the right words to say at a time that could be way more stressful and way more chaotic then it is and all because he knows god will take care of us no matter what. I know that as well, before him telling me, and I do think that..but just to hear it in Josh's "words" makes you feel even better! Thank you Josh for starting my morning off very very very know...I think Josh makes me want to be a better person...seriously!! There are several people out there that make me want to be a better person but when I think about it Josh has been the ONE person that has been in my life the longest that has always made me want to be a better matter what kind of trouble I have ever gotten matter how bad something was I seems he was always there in some way to help me out of the situation even if it was just with his words!!!

Thanks brother n just made my day!! Love you :)

By the way my next email after his was the one saying my child support was in my account.....GOD WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOU AND THE may not be the way you thought but GOD will show his self in some way....all you have to do is believe in him:)


Heidi said...

Awwww Josh. That is perfect. How do I get on this email list of great words? Thanks for sharing that Kelly.

Shelly said...

he does have great words...all the time! thats why i wish he blogged again and more! maybe every now and then i will have to take his wisdom and put it on my blog for you all to benefit from!