Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mav's 4th playoff game!

We all went to Life's a Beach (it's a great kid friendly restaurant) for the 4th playoff game of the Mav's. We had so much fun and the Mav's WON! Life's a Beach is a restaurant that has a HUGE patio that wraps around an even bigger sand box. If you couldn't see the baseball fields in the back of some of these pics you might think we were really on a beach somewhere...OH HOW I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH SOMEWHERE:) Shel and I
This was Karlea on the way home, I think she was so tired she was dazed from our 4 hour restaurant visit.

On our way home....tired too!

Shel and I

Close up of Karlea girl

The twins!

What baby Jameson did while the other kids went crazy all day in the sand!

Princess Karlea in the sand

Klayton and Jack in the sand

Karson in the sand

Jacob in the sand

Daddy and Karson at our table

All the kids minus chubby bubby in the sand

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