Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a beautiful SPRING day!!

The twins and I were outside from 9:45 when we did my 4 miles until about an hour ago. It was so pretty here today. I can not wait until it's like this all the time!! We did alot today while we were outside enjoying this nice weather. First of all this is our new friend that joined the flower bed.... Its the Cowboys gnome. Isn't he cute? I think so!
This is my new little sun stake. I like anything to do with suns. I think it fits right in.

This is the other palm tree that we got from Uncle Jim and Aunt Nelda. We planted it in the back yard in front of this UGLY cable box hoping that one day it will kind of hide it. Thanks Jim and Nelda.

While the twins enjoyed their side walk chalk....this is Karson's work of art..

This is Karlea's work of art....

I filled up all of my little pail flower hangers and hung them on the fence in the back yard. I think they turned out great! I love them!! This is the left side as you walk out into the back yard.

This is the right side as you walk out into the back yard.

This is the back fence.

This is kind of an overall look of the back yard. I think it looks so good!!

Another view of the back yard.

This was my new flower project I did this evening on the back porch.

I think I like my flip flop thermometer the MOST!! How cute is it?? BUT after I thought I put it in the most perfect cutest place.....I read you are supposed to put thermometers in the shade NOT direct sun light and now I already have a SCREW hole on the front of the kids swing not sure how I'm going to fix that but other than that small minor problem I think it's super cute!!

close up of it!!

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