Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Easter dinner on Saturday (after church)

Church was GREAT!! We went to eat at Cheddar's after church just because it's about 1 minute from our house and I actually like the atmosphere of the place. Here are some pictures of our time at Cheddar's. First of all, Karlea's face looks awful. She licks her chin, underneath her bottom lip ALL the time so now she has a red chapped spot that looks ridiculous under her lips. I can't get her to quit licking it!!
This will be the ONLY picture you will see of Karson that he is NOT looking up, he is looking at the t.v. that is in the corner! I wonder who he gets that from???? Maybe it's DADDY!!!

Would have been a great picture of my favorite men BUT Karson is looking at the t.v.

Seriously, do you know what it takes to actually get a child under the age of 3 to look at the camera??? That's why I have to take so many pictures!!
This is a good shot of her lip, or right under her bottom lip anyways!!

AGAIN, would have been a great shot, but look who's looking at the t.v.

I really like this one of me and Klaty:)

might have been good but you know who is looking at the t.v.

NOW, we finally get Karson to look at the camera and then Karlea is NOT!! I give up!!

A great shot of all my kiddos...oh wait...NOT really because SOMEONE is looking at the t.v.!!!!!!!!!!!

This shot is when they walked in the house and realized the Easter bunny must have visited while we were gone!!

Karson loves his money!!

So does Karlea!!!

Princess girl LOVED her dora:)

I can say we had a great EASTER and it's not even really Easter yet! I know we will have a great day tomorrow as well though:) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!

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April said...

I swear, you and your sister have THE prettiest, cutest kids in the whole world!!

Your kids are going to LOVE their sign...I'll have it to your sister by Friday!!