Friday, April 3, 2009

Baseball Thursday and Summer Time Friday!

Last night Klayton had a baseball game and the wind was ridiculous and it was cold! We stayed outside while the sun was up with the twins bundled up but when the sun went down I couldn't take it anymore and parked the car in a perfect spot so I could see the batter and every position outfield so I sat in the car most of the game but didn't miss 1 minute of the game. Good thing I didn't because Klayton played so good! He hit a line drive to the fence every at bat....not sure if it had something to do with the new bat his daddy bought him or if maybe he is just going to be as athletic as his mommy:) Here are a few pics of the twins at the game before the sun went down. Sweet boy Karson (yeah right, but at least he looks sweet)

Princess Karlea with her hoard of toys she ALWAYS has with her!!
These next pictures are what I did for most of the day today! It's super nice outside today with almost no wind so I decided what better day than to get the flowerbeds looking like summer! What do you think??

I think it looks pretty good. I just put some weed n feed on the grass a couple of weeks ago when it was still brown, look how green it has started to get! Klayton stayed home from school today, looks like I will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. I just took him last week and he had an upper resp. viral infection. He has been whiney and sleeping on the couch all day. Hopefully he will feel better soon! We are going to Josh and Shel's tonight for game night so I will have some more pictures to post. Saturday night we are going to grill out over at our house so I will have pics to post after that as well! And then sunday me and Ben are going to have some "us" time because after church we are dropping off the twins and Klayton at Grammy and Grampy's for the day. I hope everyone has as great of a weekend as our sounds like it's going to be!!

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Heidi said...

the yard looks awesome Kelly. Come do mine.