Friday, April 17, 2009


this is how it went:

me: Karson if you throw that puppy at Karlea one more time I'm going to spank you
karson: NO (as he throws the puppy at karlea one more time)
me: I told you (as I get up to spank him)
me: I'm going to throw you out in this rain if you don't be good
karlea: MOM...if you beat Karson you will be in trouble
me: Karlea mind your own business
karlea: don't throw my brudder in the rain, he's happy

SHE makes me laugh so hard!!

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Tim said...

Hey there! I saw that you were blogging with some of my best buds, so I figured I would join in the fun. I love your blog and your kids are beautiful.

Please feel free to stop in and visit us at Fort Thompson anytime, you are always welcome!

Love and Prayers,


P.S. Im a fellow Texan and lifelong diehard Cowboy fan!