Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update On Jason

I just received this...please continue to pray...

Hi All:

It’s been a few days since I’ve given an update to some of you, so I thought I should do that.

Jason has had a rough few days since his surgery last week. Lots of pain and a tough time adjusting from IV pain medicine to oral pain medicine. I believe he is almost through that hurdle. Now he just needs to start eating – he hasn’t had much of an appetite, which is also caused by the pain medicine.

However, he has been doing physical therapy at the hospital the last three days. He has gotten out of bed twice each day. Today he actually walked down the hall in the hospital with his brace on and the help of a walker. Not too far, but every step counts. He also sat up in a chair, again with his brace on, for about an hour.

It looks like they will be moving him across the street to Baylor Rehabilitation Center later today or tomorrow. That will allow him to get more intense therapy and learn to tie his shoes and get dressed without bending his back. I do not know how long he will have to be there, it will depend on the doctor at that facility.

It’s just very tough going from a very active 19 year old to where he is now, both physically and mentally. But, again, I have no doubt that he will pull through just fine in plenty of time to walk his sister down the aisle!!

It is through your thoughts and prayers, visits, gifts, texts, food, daily dog care, house-cleaning and so much more that we have made it through this last week.

Thanks from all of Jason’s family!!!

Beverly Miner

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