Sunday, April 5, 2009


It turned out that he had strep throat. Because Nan-Nan took him to the doctor I asked her if it was indeed strep to get him a shot. I wont do a shot with him, ever since his 4 year old well exam where he had to get 4 immunizations and it took 8 doctors and nurses to hold him down as he SCREAMED...MOMMY SAVE ME, I will never get him another shot if there is another option, however, if someone else takes him, I am all for a shot. He will feel better quicker, I don't have to spend more money at the pharmacy or fight with him on taking his meds. So nan-nan had them give him a shot and yes he screamed and cried and it took 3 of them this time to hold him down but he was ALOT better by this morning. Thank you Nan-Nan. Do you have any plans on May 22, 2010 (the twins 4 year old well check up, the next time they have to get immunization shots and they have to get FOUR!!!) I will not be the one who takes them. Either Nan-Nan and Daddy will take one or Daddy will take each of them at different times of the day!! THANK GOODNESS FOR NAN-NAN'S AND DADDY'S!

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Shelly said...

except for like with jackson and he has to get the shot or SHOTS AND still medicine!

if my mom cant take one of them then just schedule their appts on two different days for after ben is home!