Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finished a couple of projects...

I finished the sandbox and the sandbox cover I made and I am very pleased with how it turned out. A friend of my mom's cut out the ply wood in the dimensions I needed and I did the rest. It's BRIGHT neon orange with LIME green knobs and summer accents along the ends.

Aren't all the little accents on the ends so cute?

Here are my chairs, which I don't like! They were turquoise but needed re painted really bad. So I thought I would tie those in with the same colors from the sandbox cover. I think I should have painted them with a paint brush NOT spray paint. They will have to do for now. I like the orange one better, the green one looks ridiculous. And then I just rubbed on a few accents to the back of the chair as you can see.

Here is the sand in the sand box....I need about 6 more bags of it.

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and I KNOW the kids will love it. I may be regretting it when I have sand all in my house BUT it can be vacuumed up and the kids will enjoy the sandbox for hours!!

I got a few more signs yesterday, I thought they looked good after I finally figured out where to put them!

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